Selenium Webdriver Automation Setup using Eclipse and Java

Objective: To create a setup to write and run Java code using selenium API and Eclipse.

Pre-requisite: Installed Mozilla Firefox

STEP 1 : Download and install Java

  • Click HERE to download the latest version of JDK (Java SE Development Kit). Install it on your system.
  • Click HERE to read the installation guide and know the system requirement.

STEP 2: Download and install Eclipse

  • Click HERE to download the latest version of the Eclipse.
  • It is used to write java code using selenium webdriver APIs. Eclipse is free of cost. It is an integrated development environment (IDE). It contains a base workspace and an extensible plug-in system for customizing the environment. Written mostly in Java, Eclipse can be used to develop applications.
  • After downloading it, extract it and run “eclipse.exe” as there is no need to install eclipse.
  • Create a shortcut of eclipse.exe on your desktop.

STEP 3: Download Webdriver Jar Files

  • Click HERE to download WebDriver Jar files.
  • On clicking the link, go to “Selenium Client & WebDriver Language Binding” section and click on Download as shown in the following image.img1
  • Save the file to “C:\softwares\selenium-java-2.43.1” and extract it there.